About Madalena

Hi everyone and welcome to my website, taking care of babies became a passion to me since I was 6. 

 My passion in taking care of babies increased over the years, I even thought to jump in babysitting career but I did not, so I still volonteer to babysitting sometimes, but what I most like in whole story is seeing them well-dressed. This why I have created this website to spoil all babies in the world.

A little Story about my babysitting life

 All started when my sister got preganent as teeneger and she had to study and work at the same, I started since then and took care of 7 in total although I have got 10 with different brothers and sister.

The world has changed

Over the years things have changed much in term of careers etc., and many mothers have very demanding carrers, leaving them with not enough time to go shopping for their loved kids. Thats why the clothing industries have created online stores to help these busy momies to save their time. Baby Clothing and Acessories is one of this online store.

Why to shop in to Baby Clothing and Acessories Website 

As an aunt and nanny of course, I have noticed that dressing babies with right clothes makes them feel more confortbal, cute and adorable. Dressing babies is not an easy task special with very busy momies. In this website, the mothers will be able to find the right clothes for all ocasions, season, even the photo time clothes. .

I believe most moms love seeing their kids beautifull and cozy, with this in mind they dont have to worry about in finding what they would like to dress their babies.

All the best,

Madalena Nlando