The best baby girls clothes for newborns – Nailing your baby in first days!

Choosing what to dress your baby girl for her first days and moments could be an overwhelming for the modern mothers, pregnancy stress, hormones all these could lead to anxiety when choosing clothes to welcome their loved babies.

Back to 90s where things were more classic, a mother could choose baby clothing from a local stores with standard colors, like white, pink, blue and grey. Things were easier at that time because of only few stores and brands running. The world scenario has changed so far, that’s includes baby clothings.

Nowadays we see many brands, stores, designs and colors for babies clothes which can confuse to choose the right clothes; specially for baby girls new born.

When to choose your baby girl clothes

The right time to choose your baby girl clothes is as soon as you discover the baby gender, between 18-22 weeks. This will give you enough time to search online stores, brands and designes without stress. Also, will give more time to ask for ideas from friends and families.

How to choose size and color for your baby

Some babies are born big and other small, with this in mind the best way to do that is buying different sizes from 0-3 months for the first month because you never know how big your baby will be. Colors may vary from mother to mother, but basically speaking, blue, grey and white look cute in baby boys, while pink, yellow and white for baby girls. 

We’ve talked about the time to choose the clothes, size and colors so far, now lets talk about the type of clothes. The top ones are the one made of cotton, let babies more comfortable specially with sensitive skin, and also let them cooler in summer specially in hot countries.